It’s getting winter. The temperatures are falling, the leaves are long gone from the trees and the shops are full of Christmas decorations and gingerbread. ⛄ Our skin is changing as well. Here you can find out why and how you can protect your skin.

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In winter, your skin needs special attention. Many factors lead to dry skin. ❄️ The cold outside air dries out the skin and can lead to fine cracks. But even in the home or office, the skin is exposed to enormous stress. This is because we like to heat up, but forget how much the skin dries out as a result.

Dry skin is cracked, rough and prone to impurities as the skin tries to produce more sebum to compensate for the lack of moisture. Clogged pores are thus inevitable.

What can you do about it?

Don’t panic! Because you can help your skin. Here are a few tips:

1. Increase the humidity in your apartment

An aroma diffuser is very useful for this – a bonus is that you also have a nice fragrance in your apartment. 😊

2. Pay attention to the right care

Now other, additional skin care products are required than in summer. If you choose creams that contain triglycerides, i.e. replenishing substances, then your skin will be able to balance itself nicely and will not dry out. This also prevents sebum production from being stimulated. Simply pay attention to the ingredients of your skin care products. Here you will find: CAPRYLIC/CAPRIC TRIGLYCERIDES

Extra Tipp: Now´s the time to use face masks daily for extra moisture – your skin will thank you.

skincare winter rau
3. Cracked lips – a no-go

Brittle and rough lips are the worst case for any woman. They tense, itch and don’t look pretty either. It is best to pamper your lips preventively with a suitable care product. And if it is already too late: genuine bee honey. Honey has an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory effect and promotes healing. Simply apply and leave on – if possible overnight. A little patience is required, but soon your lips will be healthy and soft again. 👄

brittle lips help RAU
4. Hand and nail care

Also the hands and nails are excessively strained in winter. Here, too, it is essential to use triglycerides for care products and soaps.
Besides it is, as you can already imagine, also advisable always to wear gloves. 🧤

woman winter skin care

The best winter skin care products can be found here:

cacao shea butter face cream rau cosmetics triglyceride dry skin

This moisturizing cream pampers and protects the skin with cacao and shea butter. Your skin will be well prepared for the cold!

Beta Glucan mask Winter dry skin tips repair

Beta Glucan is a real insider tip when it comes to the regeneration of skin. With this face mask you smoothen your face day by day.

caviar series rau cosmetics triglyceride dry skin

The RAU Caviar Series protects the skin with TRIGLYCERIDE – no matter if eye caream,, day cream or night care – you´re gonna find all you need

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