Just back from vacation and the beautiful glow is gone again? A week of sun rehab in the office and your skin already starts looking pale again? Not this time! These 5 simple tips will help you maintain an even, healthy tan for much longer this year.

The way to the perfect summer tan:

1. Beta-Carotene
Preparation is everything. Therefore, you should fill up your beta-carotene depots about one month before the summer or holiday. This is very easy to achieve through targeted nutrition (e.g.: spinach, lamb’s lettuce, carrots, mangoes and peaches) or by taking capsules. Why beta-carotene in particular? It intercepts free radicals that are formed in the body as a result of solar radiation and hence acts as a kind of sunscreen. In addition, beta-carotene intensifies the natural tan of the skin thanks to its colour pigments.

2. Peelings

Regular exfoliation frees your skin from old, dead skin cells and helps the skin to get an even tan. It can also help prevent pigmentation spots. 1-2 times per week is a good rate. While you should rather use gentle chemical peelings for the face, you can use a mechanical peeling for the rest of your body.

3. Time without sun protection

Yeah, you read it right. We recommend that you lay in the sun for a certain period of time without sun protection. There is a good reason for this: this will replenish the vitamin D tanks in your body. And you need vitamin D for many relevant processes – not least for a healthy immune system and beautiful skin. If you want to read more about this, click here.
Afterwards, apply sunscreen and protect your skin.

4. After-Sun

You must be getting tired of reading that. But we prefer to play it safe and remind you once again: Intensive care after sunbathing is a crucial factor and absolutely necessary – even if your skin is not visibly irritated or reddened. After sunbathing the skin works. Therefore: Wash off the sun cream and apply after-sun care. Aloe Vera products have proven to be effective for this. Though there are differences and you should make sure that they do not contain perfume, mineral oils or similar – because your skin will not be happy about that.

5. Get the right glow

Congratulations – you have got a beautiful summer tan! Now it’s time to show it off. We could advise shimmering bodylotions now, but let’s face it – they usually stress the skin. You can also get a beautiful glow with a nourishing oil. Here applies: not too much – less is more. In addition, with a really good oil you don’t need too much to achieve a soothing effect and make the skin glow.

Here´s what you need:

aloe vera after sun gel 100% aloe
peeling summer skin even tan sun
RAU Kalahari Entspannung Yoga relaxation
Nicole Haugg

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