Fruit acid on the skin:

Can it work?

How does fruit acid work?

What should I watch for after the treatment?

We now want to answer all these questions for you here. We will also inform you whether fruit acids may be used during pregnancy.

Many of you have certainly heard of fruit acids in cosmetic products. In the past they were mainly used by dermatologists, nowadays they are also found in many bathroom cabinets. The useful acids can be found in creams, peelings, washing gels, tonic and masks. But what is “fruit acid”?

Fruit acids belong to the group of α- Hydroxy acids (Alpha Hydroxy Acids, AHA). Have you ever used products with glycolic acid, citric acid, malic acid or lactic acid? These are the most important representatives of fruit acids. These acids have many positive effects on the skin. First we look at the effects on the skin surface: Dead skin flakes are removed by loosening the horny layer. This means that the fruit acids have a similar effect to a mechanical peeling and can therefore make the skin smoother and cleaner. But fruit acid can do much more – let’s go a little deeper. The now diluted epidermis emits a signal which stimulates the production of new cells. This also reduces wrinkles, the skin appears more vital and is more resistant. AHAs are really very popular in the anti-aging area because they are an effective active ingredient that stimulates collagen synthesis and can reduce wrinkles and pigmentation marks (and acne scars, by the way). Fruit acid also promises relief for certain forms of acne and impure skin. If used correctly, fruit acids are suitable for all skin types.

That sounds really interesting, right?


You are pregnant right now and are unsure whether a product with fruit acid is suitable for you? First of all: Congratulations!
As far as the use of fruit acid during pregnancy is concerned, there are unfortunately no studies on the possible effects on the fetus. However, the lower concentrations of fruit acid found in commercial products should have no damaging effects. If you are unsure, talk to your gynaecologist about the possible use.

So that the acid doesn’t harm your skin in the end, there are a few important things you need to keep in mind when using it.

  • Be careful not to get the product into your eyes.

  • The product is quite “sour “? Do not forget to neutralize the pH value of the skin after use and possibly use a soothing face cream.

  • The horny layer is thinner now. This means that the skin is more sensitive to UV radiation. Therefore, you should always use sunscreen afterwards. It is best to use a day cream with UV protection or sun cream.

  • When using fruit acid products, care products with retinoids or vitamin A should be avoided as far as possible, since the skin can be severely irritated if used at the same time.

  • Very fatty creams and make-up have lost nothing on the skin at first, because they can cause irritations.

  • Sports and other sweat-inducing activities can also cause skin irritation and should be avoided after the treatment.

With these tips nothing should go wrong with your fruit acid treatment. Try it out and enjoy the feeling of smooth and even skin!

You can start all over with it – also suitable for beginners!

An effective fruit acid peeling in combination with the ideal neutralizer for your skin

A refreshing tonic with mild fruit acids – an absolute “must” in daily skin care

The fruit acid cream for the daily use – ideally you use it in the evening

Nicole Haugg

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