You live for beauty and skin care? Pay attention! Here come the skin Care – Trends 2020

There is hardly anything more attractive than a beautiful natural glow on the skin. Have you ever had those days when your skin looked simply perfect and you hardly needed any make-up? Our declared mission 2020 is to make sure that it looks that flawless every day!

1. Anti-Pollution Care

We are getting more and more aware of the great stress our body, and consequently our skin, is exposed to in this modern world: particulate matter, free radicals, blue light and so on. Therefore, it is becoming even more important to offer the skin extra protection. Many so-called anti-pollution concentrates and creams offer this protection with antioxidants.

Anti Pollution Ampulle Marrubium Vulgare

RAU Anti-Pollution Ampoules with Marrubium Vulgare

anti-Pollution Concentrate Marrubium Vulgare

RAU Anti-Pollution Concentrate

2. Face Massages

Can it be a little more relaxing? Then try out this 2020 trend. Whether it’s just with your hands, the jade roller, traditional Chinese stones, brushes or high-tech equipment – beauty massages will find their way into your beauty routine this year. The advantages are obvious: increased blood circulation = reduced dark circles under the eyes, brilliant complexion plus anti-aging effect! You still need tips for this?! Learn more about the basics here.

trend skin care 2020 rau cosmetics face massage

3. The New Super Active Ingredient: Niacinamide

Niacinamide, or vitamin B3, reduces the elasticity of the skin and makes enlarged pores shrink again. Niacinamide can cause redness or reddened impurities to fade very quickly and an uneven complexion can be corrected. Even fine wrinkles can be smoothed by the active ingredient. Sounds promising, doesn’t it? It’s hard to believe that the active ingredient has been around for a long time and simply wasn’t so well known. Just try it out directly!

trend skin care 2020 rau cosmetics niacinamide whitening

RAU Whitening Ampoules with Niacinamide

trend skin care 2020 rau cosmetics niacinamide whitening

RAU Whitening & Brightening Cream with Niacinamid

4. Last but not Least: Anti-impurities

This trend will become increasingly prominent in the near future. Due to the many times the mouth-nose-cover is being used, you can already hear from many girls that they struggle with impurities – especially in the lower part of the face. So make sure you get an anti-impurities package – Don´t let the masks turn into a problem for your skin in the first place.

Impure skin silver micosilver rau cosmetics
trend skin care 2020 rau cosmetics

Be sure to have evenly glowing, firm skin with the beauty trends 2020! You always want to know about our skin care tips first? Then now is the time: Simply register for our updates! 😍😍

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