Mon ami, an apple is something divine – until you have tasted a peach.” (George du Maurier)

And the French writer is right! Indescribably aromatic and juicy sweet, the peach captivates with an incomparable refreshment. But what’s in our favourite summer snack? In China, where the peach originated, it is often called the fruit of immortality. We have taken a close look at this for you and now we will inform you more about the sweet fruit.

That’ s in it:
A peach consists of almost 90% water. This makes it such a nice refreshment in summer and helps us to keep the circulation going. Peaches also contain many vitamins (A, B, C, E, K) and minerals (potassium, calcium, magnesium). The vitamins and minerals can protect the body from all kinds of diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and eye complaints. In addition, the immune system is naturally enormously strengthened by such a vitamin bomb.
Even more interesting are the secondary plant substances contained in the fruits: Polyphenols (e.g. flavonoids, chlorogenic acid) and anthocyanins, i.e. dyes. These substances have strong antioxidant effects and are known in research to have healing properties. The polyphenols they contain play an important role in the fight against DNA damage, cancer, depression, strokes, heart attacks, obesity and diabetes! Studies have also shown that anthocyanins can protect against cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Wow! It is a pity that these findings are so unknown to the general public. Prevention is a real challenge, especially in our industrialised countries.

The peach is closely related to the apricot, whose origin could not be clarified so far. It is smaller and contains less water. But when it comes to nutrients, apricots are very similar to peaches and therefore just as healthy!

The extracts of these two fruits are also the crowning glory when used externally:

Peach and apricot kernels contain 30-50% of valuable oil, which is chemically very similar to the well-known almond oil. The oils are ideal for skin care creams and oils. Especially dry, flaky, rough and mature skin can benefit from the oil. It contains unsaturated fatty acids, linoleic acid, polyphenols, vitamins and minerals which can also have an antioxidant effect on the skin. Inflammations and irritations can also be soothed. With a little effort you can even produce peach or apricot oil yourself. Unfortunately the pressing of the kernels leads to the formation of highly toxic prussic acid, which has to be removed from the oil later. Most of us cannot take this step at home. But do not be sad, there are really many products in which the oil is already contained!

The skin of these two types of stone fruit is velvety soft – a symbol of the softness and purity of your skin after care with its oils!

Apricot peach kernel oil

Important when buying: Please buy organic fruits. Why?

If you like to eat the skin of the fruit (which you should definitely do because of the nutrients it contains), then you should definitely pay attention to organic quality. Unfortunately, peaches and apricots are often contaminated with harmful substances. This is because they are heavily treated with pesticides. In a laboratory test, 23 different pesticides were identified, including dangerous carcinogens and nerve toxins. It is sad that the human intervention in nature and the economic burdens have meant that we have had to poison ourselves. But fortunately you can decide for yourself how important freedom from pollutants is to you. :)

Enclosed, as we promised you, a few top products with valuable oil:

Apricot peach kernel oil

RAU White Tea Cream – Face cream with apricot kernel oil – soft skin guaranteed

Apricot peach kernel oil mango

RAU Hot Mango Massage Oil – Fruity with mango and apricot kernel oil: Soft and seductively fragrant skin all over the body ;)

Apricot peach kernel oil

Discover the beauty secrets of the Orient – there apricot kernel oil has long been the beauty secret par excellence. With the RAU Orient´s Secret Cream 😍

Nicole Haugg

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