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Have you ever wondered why Asian women usually look so much younger and just don’t seem to age? In addition to genetic predisposition, this is also a result of the Asian way of life. They maintain a light and healthy diet, drink a lot (and hardly any alcohol) and pay a lot of attention to a distinctive skin care routine. A real insider tip of the Chinese in terms of nutrition is Bái chá – pure tea. White tea. You only know green tea so far? We explain what it is all about.

White tea originally comes from China and is one of the oldest and most valuable teas in the world. It is produced from the young buds of the same tea plant from which, for example, green or black tea is made. White tea owes its name to the fine white hairs that surround the young buds of the tea plant. Quite confusing. If it all comes from the same plant, what’s the difference?

The difference begins in the production process: the young buds are picked and aired by hand, withered for half a day and then dried under high heat. Because white tea is more complex to make than green tea, white tea is more expensive.

But it is not only the more elaborate production that is different. Although white tea contains less caffeine than green tea, it is richer in iron, calcium, potassium, fluoride, sodium and zinc. And best of all: according to experts, white tea contains at least three times as many catechins as green tea! These can bind free radicals and thus also prevent skin aging. They also protect against inflammation and strengthen the immune system.

But that’s not all: the power tea also contains the strong antioxidant polyphenol. Positive effects on cholesterol levels and blood pressure have also been observed for centuries. Likewise, a positive influence of the fat metabolism was determined.

One thing’s for sure: White tea is very valuable.
And not only with regard to skin aging.

If you’re not a fan of tea, there are skin care products for you that contain the anti aging booster:

Asien Anti-Aging RAU White Tea Bodylotion für den Rücken

RAU White Tea Body Lotion – Tighten all your body

RAU White Tea Cream

RAU White Tea Cream –  Silky soft and smooth skin


RAU White Tea Eye Cooling Gel – Extra Feuchtigkeit und Straffung für deine Augenpartie

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