We’ll tell you professional tips to protect your skin on hot days at beach volleyball.

1. Good Planning is Half the Battle

It is best to get your sunscreen in advance, because it can be quite expensive on holiday. In addition, the best products or your favourite sun cream may not be available at your holiday destination. That’s why it’s so easy to pack. As a rule of thumb: one 200 ml bottle per person / week.

Sun cream is very important for beach volleyball players, as the fields are rarely in the shade. We sweat, fall into the sand, dry off briefly and jump in between briefly into the water or under the shower.

2. Avoid the Intense Midday Sun
At noon the sun shines most intensively on the earth. Don´t play at noon to avoid sunburn or even sunstroke.

3. The Towel Trap
An unpleasant sweat film on the skin prevents you from giving your best while playing. You grab your towel and dry yourself off. Perfect! Well, not really. Because it could happen that you also wipe away your sun cream. Annoying. You can avoid this problem by buying a sunscreen and taking care to use a fast absorbing and immediately protecting cream. It should also be applied during the break.

4. You Are Taking a Short Break and Watch Opponents Play?

You are in the shadow…all good!
In such a case applying cream is of course a minor matter. Well, not really. Because also in the shade about 50 % of the sunlight still hits your skin. So also there applies: Cream, cream, cream.

5. Sand, Sand, Sand…
…sand everywhere. In your hair, in your beach bag, in your room and yes, even in the bed. The small grains of sand are very affectionate. The re-application of cream on the beach therefore can be really annoying. Our tip: Take a shower to rinse off the sand and then apply the cream again.

6. Play Break = Sun Break
You should use every short break to stay in the shadow. This is the only way for your skin to recover.

7. Drinking
So that your body does not dry out, you should use every break to drink as much water as possible. Your body will thank you and your game will improve!

8. Keep a Cool Head
Since we have now prevented the sunburn, we only have to defeat the other enemy: the sunstroke. For this we have to protect our heads. It may not always look optimal, but it is still a MUST. Overheating the head can irritate the meninges and, in the worst case, damage the brain itself. Therefore, do not forget to wear a cap.

9. The Eternal Grey Zone
No matter how well we move and how flexible we are, there will always be a place we cannot get to to apply cream. Please don’t be shy! Just ask a fellow player. For some it’s hard to ask for it, but it’s really normal and okay to ask your teammates for help in this sport.

9. The Outfit
Yeah, it’s hard to believe, but even your outfit plays a role here. But different than you might think. Playing only in a bikini or with shorts and sports bra may show off your great beach body, but it is better to avoid in intense sunlight. When choosing the right clothes, you have to consider the shape as well as the material and color of the clothes. Shirts are best made of a dense material such as polyester. This may be uncomfortable to wear, so many use cotton to prevent heat build-up. However, it does not offer protection against UV B radiation. Dark colours are preferred when choosing the colour. Wide cuts make the shirt more comfortable to wear.

Here are 3 things I can’t miss when it comes to beach volleyball:

Natural sun cream with a high protection factor and caring ingredients – ideal for playing on hot days.

An revitalizing cleansing foam – perfect for rinsing off sand in between or to recharge your energy after the game.


After the skin has been exposed to the sun that much, it is important to rehydrate it. Natural aloe vera products like this are best suited for this.

Nicole Haugg

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