Sweat drops quickly spread on your forehead or upper lips in summer? Pretty uncomfortable and embarrassing for most of us. You can’t avoid sweating on your face entirely, but the good news is that there are a few things you can do to reduce sweating.

  1. Refreshing Sprays
    This remedy against heat outbreaks is obvious: put a refreshing spray in your purse and in case of hot flushes simply unpack it, spray briefly and let your skin cool down. Some sprays even provide your skin with moistur and have soothing and caring properties – that’s perfection!
  2. Take Care When Choosing Your Drink
    While cold drinks may seem to be the best way to cool down in summer, in reality it is not beneficial to drink too cold drinks, even in terms of sweat production. What cools down in the first moment actually rather confuses the body’s own temperature regulation. This makes you sweat even more.
  3. Care for Your Skin Properly
    You tend to sweat on your face and to have shiny skin? Then you should definitely adjust your care products in summer. Matting products, all kinds of gels and soft day creams are suitable. However, always make sure you use products that are suitable for your skin type.
  4. Do not Forget to Cleanse
    Cleaning your skin is now more important than ever. When you sweat a lot, pollutants and dirt settle on your skin more easily. That’s why you should always cleanse thoroughly in the morning and evening. You can also refresh and cleanse your skin with micelle wipes in between.
  5. You Rarely Leave the House Without Make-Up?
    Never mind – me neither! However, if you tend to sweat on your face, you should avoid heavily covering make-up and prefer light BB creams. These usually also cover well and do not prevent the skin from breathing. After the BB Cream, simply apply a layer of transparent powder or a make-up fixing spray. This will keep your skin looking “matt and dry” for longer. In between, simply pat with a tissue or blotting paper to freshen up and powder again.
Silver Spray RAU
woman sweating skin tips

Light care for your summer

Hyaluron Plus

Anti-Aging Gel for Extra Moisture

woman sweating skin tips

Gentle day cream

woman sweating skin tips bb cream

Light and covering BB Creams

woman sweating skin tips silver spray rau

Refreshment and anti-impurities

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