Hey Beauty 😉
Summer is here! And with it, the daily shave again. Having trouble with that? Impurities, allergic reactions, ingrown hairs and stuff like that? We’ll help you with our tips to finally get nice smooth legs!

shaver rau cosmetics shave impurities tips

1.The Basics

Before we come to the actual tips, we should perhaps talk about the basics.

Your razor:

  • Please do not use the disposable razor more than twice
  • The more blades, the better the result
  • The less scented, the better for the skin and the less risk of impurities
  • Shavers that have blades in both directions provide a more hygienic result

2. Preparing the Skin

Since we work on the skin and are faced with the risk of cutting ourselves from time to time, it should always be ensured that the skin has been cleaned before shaving.

In addition, to avoid impurities and ingrown hairs, you should exfoliate before every shave. This will remove dead skin cells and make cornification less likely. The best way to do this on your body is using mechanical peels – that means peels with particles.

shaver rau cosmetics shave impurities tips
silver spray Erfrischungsspray

2. Tips for “After”

  • Rinse the skin with cold water after shaving. This soothes the skin and can close the pores.
  • Your skin needs moisture now. But please do not use oily creams. A light and refreshing body spray is much better. This will moisturize your skin without causing the pores to clog. Make sure that the product contains only natural perfume. It is also worth paying attention to caring and anti-irritating ingredients such as MICROSILVER and SALICYLIC ACID. They eliminate bacteria on the skin and prevent pimples and irritations.
  • It is best not to wear any clothing on the shaved areas for a short time to avoid irritation. If this is not possible, then you should avoid synthetic materials. Wide cuts are also an advantage.
  • A few hours later you can also use a body oil, which nourishes the skin and makes it look shiny and smooth.

Step by step to a perfect shave! The absolute must-have for smooth, irritation-free legs is the RAU Silver Face & Body Spray. With microsilver and panthenol, it cares for and soothes the skin and also has an active effect against bacteria on the skin as well as irritations.

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