It still seems so far away, but always comes faster than you think: summer. Here we tell you how you can already prepare for the summer in terms of beauty. ❤️

Summer RAU Cosmetics Skin Fashion Feet

1. Body

The bikini figure is not yet optimal? Better start working on it now, because visible effects take time. You’re having trouble getting over your inner bastard? Well, then grab a girlfriend and do a regular abdominal-leg-po-training together with her. This intensive program is not only good for your body, but also strengthens your friendship. Firends who train together, grow old together 💪🏼
Pro tip: You can support your body with firming creams. These can effectively enhance definition and weight loss through certain active ingredients. Furthermore, stretch marks and cellulite can be reduced.

Summer RAU Cosmetics Skin Fashion Feet

2. Shave

Smooth depilated legs are almost a “must” in summer. Maybe you have a problem with shaving zits, too?! What really helps is to peel the skin with an oil-based mechanical peeling before shaving. You can easily do that yourself! Just mix olive oil with sugar and voilà! Shave directly after the peeling. Positive side effect: You don’t cut yourself so easily because a delicate oil film has formed on your skin.
After shaving you should definitely use an antibacterial product. Under no circumstances use a cream, this could lead to irritation. We therefore recommend spraying on an antibacterial spray.
If you start this routine now, your skin will get used to it by the summer and existing irritations and impurities can be reduced.

Summer RAU Cosmetics Skin Fashion Feet

3. The feet

In winter, many women do not think so intensively about their feet. But that’s a mistake! Even now you should care for them intensively. This includes the full programme: foot bath, peeling, removing calluses and nourishing cream.

Honestly! To have well-groomed feet is always a good feeling and if you take care of them in winter, you won’t have so much work in summer 😉

Summer RAU Cosmetics Skin Fashion

4. Skin

An ampoule cure can work wonders at the transition from winter to summer. The high concentration of active ingredients helps to deeply moisturise the complexion. This also optimally prepares the skin for the sun, because a well moisturized skin tans faster and also more evenly.

You can also prepare your skin for the sun from the inside out with beta-carotene, lycopene, vitamins C and E, selenium, zinc and calcium. Especially beta-carotene, which is also available as capsules, should be taken long before the actual exposure to the sun.

The must-haves for your summer body

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Cellulite Removal Cream RAU Cosmetics
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