Natural cosmetics. A term that actually already explains itself. Pure nature – only the best for the skin. But what is it really all about and, above all, what is in it? Do you really not have to worry about harmful ingredients?

In order to protect and further define the term, the Council of Europe presented a definition of natural cosmetics that describes both ingredients and manufacturing methods. According to this definition, a natural substance is a substance of plant, animal or mineral origin as well as their mixtures – the purity of the respective substance must also be taken into account. The extraction and processing of these substances are also subject to the strictest conditions.

Here there are only the following possibilities

with physical, microbiological or enzymatic methods and only with very specific, harmless solvents. Fragrances also have to meet certain requirements. For example, artificial substances are prohibited.

And natural cosmetics usually do not even need this: they smell pleasantly fresh and care for both body and soul. A seductively natural scent of orange? Only for natural cosmetics. Surely you also wonder how preservatives are handled. The key word “natural” also applies here.

I think you´ve noticed:

Chemicals and questionable substances? Not a chance. When it comes to natural cosmetics, only the essentials for beautiful skin really get into the end product. And this is then also optimally adapted to the skin type. Dry or irritated skin, impurities or wrinkles – no problem, because nature can help. The natural healing power of plants has been used for many thousands of years. We have almost forgotten about them due to the numerous synthetic discoveries made over the past decades.

Our motto is “back to basics”. Back to nature. Back to carefree skin.

Therefore, we have also developed a natural cosmetics line for you – the “beyond” series. The name says it all. Beyond ordinary cosmetics, exceeding expectations, far more than just cosmetics. RAU Beyond – Only the best for your skin!

Pure nature for your skin – you can find it here:

RAU Naturkosmetik beyond Tonic

A refreshing facial tonic with natural cleansing properties – is there anything better?!

RAU beyond Creme

This face cream will pamper your skin in the most natural and gentle way.

RAU Naturkosmetik Augen und Lippencreme

Your eye area and/or lips are dry? Mostly, this regions are very sensitive. Best to use a natural balm like this one.

RAU Naturkosmetik beyond ampullen

The power of nature is concentrated in the ampoules from RAU Android Pie; U+1F970; Emoji

Nicole Haugg

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