What is Microneedling?

Microneedling, also called mesotherapy, is an intentional injury of the skin with a dermaroller or dermapen. A Dermaroller or Dermapen is fitted with many fine needles which penetrate the upper layer of the skin. That causes a signal about an injury which needs to be repaired.

Therefore, the self-healing process of the skin is immediately activated and more collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin are released.

– Collagen is responsible for strengthening the connective tissue.
– Hyaluronic acid stores moisture in the connective tissue
– Elastin gives the connective tissue the required elasticity

Through this interaction different skin problems like pigment spots, stretch marks, scars and other unpleasant aging effects should disappear.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

In fact, Microneedling can achieve good, visible results. However, this usually requires several expensive sessions. You should also not forget that this treatment is an invasive intervention that injures the skin – and that is why caution is called for!

At least here in Germany there is no regulation for the performance of Microneedling. Many cosmeticians now offer the treatment as standard. Therefore, you should really make sure that the selected cosmetic studio or cosmetician is well trained and only uses products that are especially suitable for microneedling treatments. Very often it happens that the ampoules and concentrates are not even intended for microneedling treatments. The products should be filled under the highest hygienic standards or sterile and should have a special certificate.

❗ So always pay attention and ask the cosmeticians and dermatologists which products they use and whether they have a special certificate for that.

Microneedling should only be used by a professional. Since Dermarollers are also available on the market, many people tend to do the treatment themselves at home. This saves them the high treatment costs.

The following should be considered for Microneedling at home:

1. Choosing the right needle length: The right needle length determines the success of the healing process. The needle lengths on the market vary between 0.1 mm and 1.5 mm. For applications at home, only Dermarollers with a needle length of 0.1 mm to 0.5 mm are recommended.  If the needle length exceeds 0.75 mm, the treatment should only be given by a specialist.

2. A comprehensive sterilization is essential! After each treatment you should disinfect the dermaroller and keep it in a sterile box or container.

3. Allow healing phases or pauses between treatments! After a microneedling treatment you should make sure that you give the skin enough time to heal and recover. The healing time depends on the respective needle length and body region. Usually this is 1-2 weeks. Otherwise you can cause exactly the opposite – scarred uneven skin.

4. Pay attention to the quality of the dermaroller! When using cheap dermarollers it is not uncommon that they contain blunt and curved needles, which are not visible at first sight. These needles may get caught in the skin and cause serious inflammation. We highly recommend you to buy a certified dermaroller from well known and trusted manufacturers.

5. Do not share with others! The dermaroller should only be used by one person and must not be shared under any circumstances. Diseases like HIV and Aids can also be transmitted via a dermaroller.

Microneedling RAU Cosmetic Products home dermaroller

If you choose this invasive method of skin therapy, please play it safe. If it is too risky for you, no problem. Here you will find numerous tips and products for every skin problem. With our Info Newsletter you’ll alwaysbet the first to get valuable instructions, tips and info on skin care!

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