Anti-aging is a topic that every one of us has dealt with at some point. Many different active ingredients are being discussed, including hyaluronic acid. It has long since taken over the beauty market! Whether as serum, cream, capsules or injection – hyaluronic acid is the hottest thing in the cosmetics industry. In order to understand difference among the various offers, here you can find out what the effect of hyaluronic acid is (ON the skin!), what types are available and what you should be aware of.

hyaluronic effects kinds RAU cosmetics

What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid is an endogenous, sugar-like compound that is particularly popular as a substance in skin care products due to its ability to bind water firmly. It is also involved in the nourishment of the skin, can neutralize free radicals and has a positive influence on the regeneration ability of the skin. However, the natural content in the skin decreases in the course of a lifetime and can be replenished with hyaluronic acid-containing cosmetics. Hyaluronic acid is produced biotechnologically and is vegan.

How does the anti-aging active ingredient hyaluronic acid work?

The skin dries out due to a loss of the skin’s own moisture, causing wrinkles. Moisturizers without hyaluronic acid reduce this loss of water. The acid can bind up to 1000 times its own weight in water.  As a result, it can bind moisture through its chemical structure and therefore not only reduce this water loss but also increase the water content.  By increasing the moisture content, the skin appears padded and wrinkles can be reduced visibly. The acid can also have a soothing effect on neurodermatitis, eczema or burns. In order to go into more detail about the mechanism of action, it is important to deal with the types of hyaluronic acid.

Types of hyaluronic acid

Chemically speaking, there are different types of hyaluronic acid, each of which also has a different mode of action on the skin. One speaks here of long chain – and short chain hyaluronic acid.

The long-chain (high-molecular) hyaluronic acid can effectively bind moisture in the upper layer of the skin and therefore have an immediate cushioning effect on the skin. The skin tightening and smoothing result is clearly visible very quickly after the application.
In contrast, the short-chain (low-molecular) hyualuronic acid with its small molecules penetrates the upper skin layer and can influence the inner moisture balance in the long term. With regular use, this results in a long-term moisturizing effect, the skin is hydrated and therefore appears firmer and more youthful.

hyaluronic effects kinds RAU cosmetics

What should you pay attention to?

There are a few things you should consider when buying products containing hyaluronic acid:
👉 The anti-aging effect is best when low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid are used in combination.
👉 The more liquid the product, the more low-molecular hyaluronic acid is contained.
👉 Before each application with low-molecular hylauronic acid make sure that your skin is thoroughly cleansed.
👉 Maybe you better order some samples first? Hyaluron cosmetics come in different forms and combinations.

hyaluronic effects kinds RAU cosmetics

High and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid in combination as serum gel

hyaluronic effects kinds RAU cosmetics

Soaked in collagen and hyaluronic acid this cloth mask tightens your skin

hyaluronic effects kinds RAU cosmetics

A day cream with hyaluronic acid provides sufficient moisture

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