Oily skin and lots of glow? Unfortunately, this quickly appears scruffy. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps for permanently beautiful matte skin.

Where does it come from, the glow on the skin? The sebaceous glands produce too much sebum (skin fat). Excess sebum settles on the skin surface and makes it shiny. In addition, the oil layer prevents oxygen absorption, which is why oily skin often looks slightly pale. An excess sebum production can be caused by many different factors: Hormones, stress, diet, incorrect care (e.g. too little moisture) or high temperatures.

But with the right beauty program you can easily get rid of the shine and get matte skin!

Reinigung Waschgel

Step 1

First, the skin should be cleansed naturally. It is best to use a mild gel. It should not contain any oils or fats – your skin does not need that. However, it should also not dry out the skin completely, as this would lead to an increased production of sebum.

Tonisieren Tonic

Step 2

Would you like some toner? Yes, please! If you don’t tone your face, surfactants and lime will remain on the skin. Of course, it doesn’t like that at all and tries to get rid of the “foreign particles” – by producing more sebum. So just put some tonic on a cotton wool pad and brush it gently over your skin.

Pflege Gel

Step 3

It is a misconception that oily skin does not need cream. It does need it – because it also needs moisture! However, make sure that it contains neither fats nor oils. Ideally, mattifying and antibacterial substances are contained as well. Our tip: A mattifying and moisturising serum for daytime and a mattifying, regulating gel for nighttime. This way you can finally achieve matte skin.

If you have an oily complexion, you probably know this: the skin starts to shine again quite quickly. Your best friend on the go should be “Blotting Papers” – fine paper that can absorb the sebum.  Just press it on the shiny areas for a few seconds and then maybe add another layer of powder on top.

Here are my care products for super matte skin:

Silver Facial Washgel bei Akne
matte skin powder RAU Cosmetics oily skin
matte skin powder RAU Cosmetics oily skin
matte skin powder RAU Cosmetics oily skin
Nicole Haugg

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