The skin around your eyes is particularly thin and wrinkles can easily develop. So the area around your eyes is very sensitive and needs special care. Here you can find out how to keep your eye area young and well cared for as long as possible.

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What Kind of Eye Care Product Should you Use?

  • Creams: Eye creams are usually very rich and provide the skin with extra moisture. They are therefore ideal for mature or dry skin.
  • Fluids: Fluids are a mixture of cream and gel, they are moisturizing, non-greasy and are quickly absorbed. Due to their texture, they prevent penetration into the eye.
  • Gels: Due to their high water content they have a cooling as well as decongesting effect on dark circles under the eyes, swelling and redness. Gels are especially recommended for oily and combination skin. Extra tip: Place the eye gel in the refrigerator overnight. This way you can get rid of annoying puffiness and dark circles in the morning even faster.
  • Eye masks: You can use eye masks for extra cooling against dark circles under the eyes and to combat annoying crow’s feet. These are usually pads soaked in active ingredients.
  • Concentrates: Concentrates provide extra intensive care for the skin. It is best to use them overnight.

The Correct Application

It is best to apply your eye cream twice a day to the cleansed skin – morning and evening. In the morning, be sure to leave your cream on for a about two minutes to prevent make-up or powder from settling and highlighting your wrinkles. In the evening you can also use a serum under or instead of the cream. Please always apply each care product from the inside out, as this reduces the chance of getting it into the eye.

When is eye care necessary?

Skin care experts advise to start already in the 20s, the latest at the age of 25. This is because the aging process begins at this young age: the skin is no longer supplied with blood that well, no longer has as a lot of moisture and loses its elasticity.

These active ingredient combinations are particularly effective for a flawless eye area:

eye bags wrinkles Hyaluron RAU Cosmetics roll-on

The RAU Eye Roll-On gently nestles up to your contours and tightens your eye area with intensive moisture – whether at home or on the go.

This rich eye cream provides your eye area with enormous amounts of moisture. It is especially suitable for dry and sensitive mature skin.

White tea Eye Cooling

This cooling eye gel cools and moisturizes the skin and can reduce dark circles under the eyes.

eye bags wrinkles Hyaluron RAU Cosmetics

The eye fluid with valuable hyaluronic acid changes your eye area effectively. Small wrinkles can be padded up and dark circles around the eyes can be reduced.

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