Definitely a goal for many: Light and even skin. No freckles, no pigment spots and certainly no pimple marks.
I bet you’ve tried a few things yourself, haven’t you? Among them certainly were harmful chemicals, which worked, but put extreme stress on your skin. That is not necessary, because after all, you don’t want your skin to age prematurely because of your bad care products, do you?

First of all, why various obvious “household remedies” are not such a good idea:

acne scars lightening pimple scar pigment spot whitening bleach skin

Lemons – Although acids are known to bleach, they can also be quite harmful to the skin. Unfortunately, the acid that a pure lemon contains is very aggressive. This is often underestimated. Citric acid can attack the skin and dry it out: fruit acid in general is a great help – especially against acne and pimple marks. If you use it in professional products with the recommended pH values and neutralize the skin afterwards, everything is fine.

acne scars lightening pimple scar pigment spot whitening bleach skin

Hydrogen peroxide works for clothes and hair, so why not for skin?! 🛑 Please don’t! 🛑

Hydrogen peroxide is a corrosive substance. If it comes into contact with the skin, it causes a violent reaction that produces oxygen. This makes the skin appear white. In reality, however, this does not have a bleaching effect, but kills the skin cells, which can also lead to pain.

acne scars lightening pimple scar pigment spot whitening bleach skin

Baking powder is alkaline. We had already clarified that too much acid is not good for the skin less good for the skin. However, substances that are too alkaline do not have too positive an effect on the skin as well. This is, because the protective layer of the skin, which contains acids, could be attacked. As a result, germs and bacteria could enter the skin more easily.

Even if many household remedies appear to be harmless and natural, acids and bases should be handled with great care. If you want to be on the safe side to achieve perfectly even and light skin, then we have some great professional products for you:

With this fruit acid cream, wrinkles, hornifications, impurities and pale skin can be counteracted.

acne scars lightening pimple scar pigment spot whitening bleach skin

This serum can refine pores and reduce scars, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. It can also protect the skin from moisture loss and reduce redness.

The peeling removes dead skin flakes, refines impurities and pores, reduces scars, pigment, age and sun spots, gradually and continuously reduces wrinkles and lines and can alleviate redness.

acne scars lightening pimple scar pigment spot

Due to the perfectly coordinated active ingredients, this cream is ideal for lightening the skin or reducing hyperpigmentation. Red spots or freckles can also be lightened significantly.

Nicole Haugg

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