Hope that summer will once again make us happy this month!ย 

So that you can get through the summer and beyond in a well-groomed way, we are giving away a RAU White Tea Body Lotion in the PROFILINE (500 ml).๐Ÿ˜

RAU White Tea Bodylotion Giveaway

Our “RAU White Tea Body Lotion” is a seductivelyย fragrant and richย body lotion.

This body lotion withย valuable almond oil, white tea, aloe vera, tocopherol and sorbitolย is ideal for the care of the body. Rich yet fluffy and light in texture, our body lotion absorbsย quickly. It helps the skin toย restore its moisture balance, makes itย firm and soft.

The elasticity of the skin can beย increasedย significantlyย by almond oil in particular, which canย reduceย the risk ofย stretch marks.

Regularly used, it can reduce cellulite and the risk of stretch marks.

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