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Many of you are probably familiar with the problem of large pores and looking for something that helps. You may have tried everything from apple cider vinegar to pore-reducing primers that actually just clog pores.

With our tips, you can finally minimize your pores long term and the dream of smooth and even skin could finally come true.

shrink minimize reduce pores tips cosmetics RAU

The key is a good skin care routine with cleansing, tonic, peeling, mask and care. What is the point of small pores if bacteria accumulate and impurities are caused?

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shrink minimize reduce pores tips cosmetics RAU

Regular peeling helps your skin – you should use gentle chemical peelings if you can, because mechanical peelings, e.g. scrubs, can stress the skin.

The best way is a triple active peeling with mild fruit acids. You will find it here.

shrink minimize reduce pores tips cosmetics RAU

You can open your pores with a steam bath. Afterwards use a mask with healing clay. It can not only calm your skin, but also cleanse the pores.


Rügener healing clay and super many important minerals can be found in this mask.

shrink minimize reduce pores tips cosmetics RAU

Use a serum with sea salt – it can minimize your pores

 Sea salt and algae minimize your pores in a natural way. You can find the power combination here.

Large pores?! No more! Thanks to RAU Cosmetics.

Nicole Haugg

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