Have you already heard of the active ingredient beta glucan? This power ingredient has a lot to offer and can help with many of your skin problems. Beta Glucan is still a secret tip for beautiful skin despite the lack of scientific proof of its effectiveness.

Beta Glucan active ingredient RAU Cosmetics effect anti aging

But what is beta glucan anyway? 

Beta glucan is a polysaccharide found in cereals, yeast, fungi and bacteria. It has a high molecular weight – for you this means that you can enjoy a lot of moisture for your skin. Beta Glucan as an active ingredient can also strengthen the skin’s barrier function and thus protect against redness, sunburn, irritation, impurities and inflammation. The active ingredient is also effective against irritations caused by detergents and germs.  

But that’s not all!<
As an active substance on the skin, beta glucan stimulates the Langerhans cells – macrophages, which are part of the defense system in the epidermis. These cells are stimulated by the active substance. This also increases the collagen production immensely, which can not only lead to an improved wound healing time but also to a reduction of wrinkles. Furthermore, this process is also responsible for the aforementioned protection of the skin. How do we know all this? Studies of the Medical University of Carolina have dealt with beta glucan in wound healing and have been able to prove truly amazing effects.

Beta Glucan active ingredient RAU Cosmetics effect anti aging

So, to sum up. When you treat your skin with beta glucan, it benefits from: Protection, comfort, relief, anti-aging and, last but not least, a good dose of moisture. In short, everything the skin needs.

Do you already have a product containing Beta Glucan on your care plan? Not yet?! Then it’s about time.

Beta Glucan mask Winter dry skin tips repair

This rich beta glucan mask regenerates the skin with its numerous effects – baby soft skin guaranteed 😍

Beta Glucan active ingredient RAU Cosmetics effect anti aging

Wanted: Fresh and firm eye area 🔎
Found: 👉 Beta Glucan tissue eye mask

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