Our back has to withstand a lot in everyday life. In addition to physical exertion, it is also burdened by changes in the weather, unhealthy sleeping habits and textiles. But do we care for our back with the same dedication as we do for the rest of our body? If we are honest: rather not. The back is the largest area of skin, apart from the belly, and therefore also a major target for all kinds of skin problems. However: Even when looking in the mirror, we find it hard to see it properly – reaching it to devote yourself to extensive skin care is a real challenge if you are not very athletic. Most of the time we do not pay attention to our back out of comfort. Too strenuous, too uninteresting. Out of sight, out of mind.

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Many people think of their back every now and then when it itches or impurities appear.

Yeah, it makes you wonder what you could do differently. But then you usually just shrug your shoulders: What can I do about it?
The problem is that you can hardly reach all parts of the back. usually, then the backscratcher is used or the places are covered with clothes, so that nobody can see the unsightly back. But is that really necessary?

There is a widespread misbelief that the back is well cleaned and cared for, at least during the daily shower.

And this is where the problem begins. Shower gel is one thing. But what about the shampoo that flows over the freshly washed back? Because many people have the habit of showering with shower gel first and scrubbing everything with a sponge before washing their hair. But hair products often contain active ingredients that could irritate the sensitive skin on the back. In addition, the residues and “dirt” from the hair also flow back over the back.

Speaking of shower gel:

By the way, the shower gel should also be adjusted to the skin type, otherwise the opposite effect may occur. What influences your decision to buy? The packaging? Scent? Price? Or maybe ingredients and the needs of your skin? Unfortunately, for most people the answer will be scent and price. During visits I often notice that in the bathrooms there are still shower gels of “well-tried” and inexpensive brands. Great for the wallet, certainly. But should the price really be decisive here? Are these products really good for our skin? Unfortunately, this question often has to be answered with “No!” Unnecessary additives and few active cleansing substances are unfortunately not rare with these products and thus the sensitive skin is rather stressed than cared for.

Caring for the back is actually quite simple – if you know how. If you follow these five simple steps, you will quickly get your back “clean” again.

Step 1: The “right shampoo” Preferably without silicone oils and other “unnecessary” additives

Step 2: The “perfect shower gel” The same applies here! As natural as possible. RAU offers this natural and powerful shower gel.

Step 3: Use face care instead of body lotion. The White Tea face cream is also available as a “body lotion”!

Step 4: Do not twist – Use a cream applicator for the back ;)

Step 5: Perfect materials for healthy skin – Breathable, preferably natural clothing contributes to clean skin

Nicole Haugg

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