The well-known active ingredient urea sure is familiar to you – but do you also know the allrounder ingredient allantoin?

Discover what allantoin is and read about its effects on your skin.

RAU Cosmetics Allantion

Allantoin is originally a plant metabolic product, which is contained in the cell sap of plants such as legume, wheat germ and horse chestnuts in high concentrations.  Already more than 2000 years ago the plants were known as remedies, but people did not know at that time that allantoin was responsible for this positive effects and did not use extracts with pure allantoin. Nowadays, allantoin can also be produced synthetically.

How does allantoin work?

Like urea, allantoin is considered to be wound-healing, skin smoothing and cell regenerating, but has a slightly lower moisture-binding effect than urea. It can alleviate skin irritations and is considered to be very well tolerated.

Furthermore, allantoin has a keratoplastic (i.e. corneal softening) effect, can loosen up horny skin cells and support the drainage of sebum and is therefore particularly suitable for care products for oily, impure skin. It can support the acceleration of cell structure, cell formation and cell regeneration and can particularly calm the skin.

RAU Cosmetics Allantion

The next time you buy care products, look out for the active ingredient allantoin – it’s worth it.

Here are some great products with allantoin:

Moist_Box_Ampoule RAU Cosmetics
Allantoin Calming Cream RAU
Allantoin Augen Creme RAU Cosmetics
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