Not only many teenagers, but also lots of adults suffer from severe skin impurities. Studies have shown that those impurities negatively affect self confidence. Especially teenagers fear nothing more than getting acne and being “unattractive”. In order to successfully treat acne, it is important to start as soon as possible.

When pimples seem to sprout overnight, many young people ask themselves: Why me and why now?

Do´s bei Akne

DO´s: What can you do about these skin impurities?

It is important to know that patience is necessary, in fact it usually takes a few weeks until a result can be expected. A balanced skin care routine can make a significant contribution to calming the skin.

  • Skin cleansing: The treatment should be based on cleansing with an antibacterial, skin-friendly cleansing gel. This can inhibit sebum production and remove oily residues as well as dirt and bacteria. Afterwards a facial toner should be used, preferably with mild fruit acids. The skin is mattified, cleansed and toned.
  • Vitamin A products or sometimes antibiotics can also inhibit the formation of bacteria and inflammation in severe cases. Here vitamin A products can be take orally or vitamin A or retinol products can be used on the skin to achieve an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Peeling: A peeling can clear the pores again. But please no mechanical peeling! The friction only irritates your skin further. Better: A gentle and effective fruit acid peeling. The fruit acid (alpha-hydroxy acid) opens the pores and peels off the upper skin layers.
  • Masks against acne: A face mask cannot help with severe inflammations in the lower skin layers. But: A Blackhead mask can be a useful support in the fight against acne. Regular use clears the pores and leads to a finer complexion after a while. Bacteria that feed on sebum in the pores and can be the cause of acne cannot multiply.
  • Creams: Creams should be non-clogging and have an antibacterial effect. Especially products with fruit acids or silver have proven themselves in the case of acne. Oily skin can also become more balanced again in this way.
  • Cleaning the tools: In order to give bacteria no chance, it is very important to regularly clean make-up brushes and sponges as well as mask brushes. Phones and mobile phones can also be a source of bacteria – so keep clean. It is best to use towels only once.

DONT´S: What should you avoid at all costs?

  • First things first: Never pop closed zits yourself! We all know how tempting it is to simply remove the pimples. However, it is not advisable to do this, as it can lead to new inflammations and even more problems.
  • Cosmetic products that contain too much fat or oil promote the clogging of the pores. Therefore oil-free products should be used . The same applies to make-up. It is best to cover the red spots with matt concealer, then blend gently and treat the face with loose powder – never use liquid make-up!
  • Last but not least, an unhealthy lifestyle can promote acne signs: Fatty food, little fresh air, stress and too little sleep. So, away with fast food, away from TV and PC and out into nature!

Skin blemishes are very annoying, but unfortunately quite normal: Every one of us gets them once in a while. It is important to do something about it. We hope that our tips will also help you. You can contact us for a specific treatment plan if you want to.

Our recommendations to help your skin

Silver Facial Washgel bei Akne

The RAU Silver Facial Wash Gel has an antibacterial effect and removes make-up, dirt and bacteria.

Highly dosed vitamin A is exactly what your skin needs!

A gentle fruit acid peeling cleanses the pores and helps to regenerate the skin.

The microsilver in RAU Silvercream has an antibacterial effect and can gradually make impurities and zits disappear.

The soothing face mask cleanses the pores, relieves inflammation and removes blackheads.

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