Well, are you still taking a hot shower?

Just jump into cold water! Not literally, of course, as this could cause a circulatory shock, but you should really take a look at the benefits of cold water – maybe you’ll even swap your hot shower in the morning for the cold refreshment.

Just as a shower of cold water helps athletes after a hard workout to regain their strength faster and increase their performance, it can also improve your performance. It also promotes regeneration after excessive training.

Immune system
Your immune system can also be strengthened by cold water. The cold water activates the white blood cells (leukocytes), which ensure a strong immune system. Cold showers also increase the amount of the antioxidant glutathione. Glutathione is an endogenous defence mechanism and is produced in the liver – the antioxidant is simply indispensable for maintaining your immune system.

Circulatory problems? You lack the necessary drive? Cold showers can really pay off! Even better in this case are alternating showers – i.e. cold and warm alternating.

Mood booster
Low spirits in the morning? You should shower with water temperatures around 20°C. Because of the cold, more electrical impulses are sent to the brain, which can have an antidepressant effect. This can improve your mood for weeks on end.

Fat burning
Fat burning can be stimulated by cold water. Researchers assume that the cold causes an increased energy demand, because the brown fat tissue wants to maintain the body temperature and tries to warm up the body. This “extra effort” means that more calories are burnt, which means that the “bad” white fat tissue can be burned.

Beauty – Booster
Being beautiful can be so simple: Your skin and hair react to the cold shock by contracting the pores and hair follicles. This makes your hair look healthier and stronger. On the skin, the cold shock causes the pores to shrink and the skin to tighten. It is therefore best to use cold water the next time you clean your face.

Are you already convinced? Make sure you get even more refreshing showers with our RAU Shower products. Of course, if you would rather jump into the cold lake, then all I can say is: grab your bikini and towel and off you go!

Cold Shower water bathroom swim
Nicole Haugg

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