Like so many things, the coronavirus also influences this year’s Mother’s Day. Of course, you want to protect your mom and cannot express your love and gratitude with hugs and lots of time together as you usually do. Here you can find out how you can still prepare a beautiful Mother’s Day for your mother.

Mother´s day corona visit present social distnacing

1. Traditional: Breakfast in bed

When you were a child, did you also always serve breakfast in bed for mom on Mother’s Day? This is still possible now – well, maybe not quite in bed, but you can definitely prepare a delicious breakfast! Many restaurants are currently offering delivery services and that often includes breakfast. That doesn’t exist in your area? Alternatives: Go to the bakery, pack kind of a picnic basket by yourself and put it in front of the door. A heavenly smell of bread, crossaints, scrambled eggs and coffee. Plus some jam, butter, berries and other things. No mom can resist that – I promise!

2. Flowers

Obviously, flowers should not be missing on our list. A bouquet of flowers with a little card? One of the classics.
No problem – even in Corona times. Many florists offer delivery services now. You can also put some flower arrangements front of her door by yourself, ring the door bell and say from a distance “Thanks for everything, mum”.

Mother´s day corona visit present social distnacing
Mother´s day corona visit present social distnacing

3. Prepare a spa day at home for your mom

What better way to show your mom how grateful you are, than to give back some of the me-time she used to miss? One way to do that is to prepare her a spa day at home. Take a nice box and prepare everything:

  • Luxurious foam bath or gentle cleansing gel
  • Peeling (preferably chemical) and / or peeling glove
  • A face mask (believe me – your mom will enjoy it)
  • A good book – if your mom doesn’t like to read, maybe a DVD
  • A bottle of good wine or champagne
  • Optional: Exclusive body lotion or face cream

In various articles, you can find advice not to gift skin care products for Mother´s Day. However, as a mother, I can say that I rarely treat myself to great skin care products because I prefer to invest the money in my children and I am very excited when I get some as a gift. Taking time out is simply not a priority for most mothers – regardless of whether they have small or grown-up children. So treat your mom to this luxurious box – she will be happy for sure.❤️

With this code you can save 20% on great care products! Now it’s even easier to spoil mom.

Mother´s day corona visit present social distancing
Nicole Haugg

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